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Funny Games

Welcome to our Funny Games club and enjoy your time! We have over 30 Game Categories including Car Games, dirt bike games, flash games, racing games for people who like to drive fast cars, puzzle games, 2 player games for parties, truck games for people who love trucks and 18 wheelers, adventure games for adventurists, shooting games for hunters, plus bike games for motorcycle game players. 100% fun games guaranteed! Enjoy these online games today and guess what...? All of the games are free!

Car Games

Click on our handpicked car games and have fun now!

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Funny Games

Funny games make you laugh, laugh and laugh. They are actually good for people's health as well!

Flash Games

Best online flash games depot. More coming soon. For now, enjoy the best flash games!

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Puzzle Games

Amazing puzzle games. Free online puzzle games will grow your mind and make you fast thinker.

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We hope you are enjoying the best collection of flash games and puzzle games. We really worked hard to deliver the best quality games, so that you can have fun full 100%. Keep going down, and you'll get a chance to play everybody's favourite dirt bike games, plus really fast and furious racing games, as well as truck games or truck parking games.. If you are like majority players who like to play shooting games, then we have that too! All of these fun games just for you, free of charge!

Dirt Bike Games

Caution! Very addictive bike games! Only for people who love to play bike or dirt bike games.

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2 Player Games

You have party going on? Or just want to compete with friend? Play these free 2 player games now!

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Adventure Games

Are you like many others, who just love to play adventure games? Come on in and have a quality time by playing our free adventure games

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Fun Games

Fun games are just to have fun. Let us know if you'd like to play any partuclar game. We'll do our best to get this for you!

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Racing Games

Whether it is car racing games or motorcycle racing games, we've got them all. Click below and play free racing games.

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Some online games like car games are distinctive blend of learn through fun which will aid them to mature at their individual effort. Shooting Games-These are great games to calm down your stress and help you relax. Shooting games gives you an opportunity to shoot without actually having a real gun. Some shooting games are so real, that you feel like you are shooting in a real life. Puzzle Games These games are again very addictive and popular. Puzzle games help your mind grow sharp and make you smarter, because you have to figure out a solution for complicated puzzles. Funny Games and adventure Games The games which come in this genre are the ones, which involve fighting games, space adventure games, situational games where the player is required to achieve some objectives, etc. Most of the games in this genre are rich in animation and may also come with a story line. Cooking games is typically played by girls. Games for girls are fun and they improve girls' cooking skills. We hope you enjoyed very popular 2 player games, as well as flash games. One of a kind car games are dedicating countless fun and excitement to our players. We also just noticed last month that our puzzle games section was the most played games in our website. Dirt bike games page got some more bike games, and our gamelovers are lovin'em!. We are constantly updating i funny games database. Recently we've added adventure games section where you can play bunch of exciting such us shooting games. Truck games page is for people who love monster truck games and like to drive truck. Car racers or guys who love nascar type racing, are welcome to pay free racing games just above. By way, we forgot to mention that we have just added 10 more brand new bike games into our funny games site.If you don't see the type of free online games you'd like to play, please email us at info@ifunnygames.net, and we'll do our best to add them. Please come back and play free car games again in only i funny games dot net.